Adult Minecraft Armor Classic Costume


Garb yourself up in this epic Minecraft Armor Classic Adult Costume. This costume displays the iconic blocky style Minecraft is famous for. It comes with a top and a hat to complete the look.

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Creeper ProtectionYou can never be too careful out there. You could be exploring the biome, creating a brand new house out of that pile of stone blocks you have, minding your own business… and then KABOOM! Creeper sneaks on by and blows up right next to you. You need some kind of armor to help you against the dangerous Creepers of the biome. That’s why we recommend wearing this Minecraft Armor Costume. It’s inspired by the iconic armor set from the Minecraft video game and it should help ward off those pesky Creepers. Product DetailsThis Minecraft Armor Costume is an adult-size recreation of the Diamond Armor from the video game. It comes with a blueish-green tunic top, which has pixelated printing on the exterior to give it a retro, 8-bit style. The tunic is made out of a foam material, which helps it keep that blocky shape while you’re fighting Creepers and traversing the various biomes of the world. The includes hat is shaped like the Diamond Helmet and features a fitted inner cap with an elastic band for comfort. When you have the full outfit, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that the world tosses your way!

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