Blue Tuxedo Top Hat


Add a classy look to your blue tuxedo with this exclusive Blue Tuxedo Top Hat. Jazz up any Halloween suit this year with this baby blue tuxedo top hat.

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Have you ever watched jazz dancers? Their moves might be great but everyone has to admit it’s a little bit out of style. Jazz hands have been corny for the last ten years and it’s doubtful those canes are allowed in most public places. So what’s the one thing that should survive from jazz dancing into eternity?The hats! The hat tricks employed by smooth jazz dancers definitely need to live on into dance history. The way those classy caps seemed to tumble on their own from arm to arm seems miraculous to people then and now. But here’s the problem: people no longer wear top hats. To make sure that these sweet tricks last in the future we need to start modernizing the top hat. That’s where this schmancy cap comes in. Matching perfectly with our blue suit, it would also look magnificent with a sleeveless cut off tuxedo shirt. The hat will keep the legend alive, the color lets you do you. Now that’s jazzy.

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