Bricky Blocks White Necktie


Build the ultimate necktie with the Bricky Blocks White Necktie. Since you’re able to build on top of this necktie you can make anything you can imagine!

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Mystified by MenswearAll of us will probably go to at least one formal event in our lives. You’ll put on a suit or a fancy dress and gather with a bunch of similarly dressed people. Depending on the event, you might even have a dress code, like “semi-formal” or “smart casual,” which is supposed to tell you exactly what to wear. We think those terms are sometimes more confusing than helpful. However, most of us do know one term that means we should dress like royalty. An invitation to a “white tie” event is one of the fanciest you can get! However, if that’s a little TOO fancy for you, we have an alternative we think you’ll like.Product DetailsThis Bricky Blocks necktie in white is perfect for those events where you need a tie, but you don’t want to appear overdressed. You don’t even need to know how to tie it, since it has an adjustable elastic band to secure it around your neck. Plus, it doesn’t have to stay white! Use Bricky Blocks in any color (sold separately) to create your own patterns and designs. Wear it with a Bricky Blocks hat or pair of shades and sport a full set of customized accessories!

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