Skeleton Leggings for Women


Make sure your leg bones are intact. Add this fun and spooky pair of black Skeleton Leggings for Women to your skeleton or voodoo costume this Halloween.

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Rise and PineThere’s a certain kind of freedom that comes with haunting the world. Sure, you might be stuck on the earthly plane but you can walk through walls and float through the air. As long as you’re not one of those souls who are obligated to carry chains around, the world is yours to explore. Just imagine floating across the ocean to go visit those places you never got to check off your bucket list while you were living. At any time there could be hundreds of ghosts looking out from a platform in an Eiffel Tower or floating to the top of Everest. They might even do something they’d never dare do in life, like floating over Niagara Falls. Turns out, you can really live it up in the afterlife. Product DetailsMake Halloween simple with these simple bone-printed leggings. The black fabric is stark with long white bones printed on black fabric, making you look super spooky from afar. They can be paired with a casual over-sized sweatshirt for an everyday look or dressed up with the rest of our ghostly attire to make this an eye-catching ghoulish costume. Ain’t Tellin’ you a FibulaStanding out as a lost soul is easy with these lovely leggings. The elastic leggings make them comfortable for both dancing and watching horror movies. You might as well live it up, you only after-live once, after all! 

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