Funhouse Clown Cotton Candy Wig


Complete a fun and colorful clown costume this year for Halloween with this Funhouse Clown Cotton Candy Wig. This accessory is the perfect finishing touch to a wide variety of costumes.

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 Sugar and SpiceIn the world of clowning, there are clowns, and then there are CLOWNS. What’s the difference? The former group is your standard, run-of-the-mill, red curly-haired, big ball nose, oversized shoe-wearing clowns. We don’t want to call them “cliche,” because they are also classic, but we’ve been there, seen that. The latter category, however, is a new generation of clowns that is taking clown culture to a whole new level. And here’s the fun part…not only can you not predict what these cool clowns will look like, but you also never know what they’ll do! Take this Cotton Candy Funhouse Clown Wig, for example. You may think to yourself “cotton candy, how sweet!” But this clown may be meant for mischief, mayhem, and even perhaps a bit of Halloween haunting. You never know! Design & DetailsThis amazing concoction of CLOWN-like proportions is based on a mesh wig cap with an elastic edge for a snug fit. The cap is topped with blue hair and bangs, as well as matching curly tendrils at the temples. But the showstopper is the bright pink and blue cotton-candy-inspired bouffant — two cones coming off the sides — that make this wig a total eye-catcher! 

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