Blonde Shaggy Ladies Man Wig


You will be stayin’ alive and dancing in your boogie shoes when you add this Blonde Shaggy Ladies Man Wig to your 70s inspired costume. Features a blonde colored, shaggy styled wig that makes the perfect 1970s costume accessory.

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Don’t Wig Out!It seems like some people are rarely happy with their hair. Those with curls are constantly straightening them, while people with naturally straight locks spend hours curling them. Others seem to be a revolving door of hair color—black, then brown, then blonde, then blue, but they never seem satisfied. And of course, you can style your hair in hundreds of different ways, depending on how it’s cut. And of course, even if you are content with your hair, it’s fun to change things up every once in a while. If you’d like to try a different style for a costume but you’re not sure that you want it to be your new everyday look, getting a wig might be the answer!Product DetailsIf you’re looking to get that 70s charmer look, try this Blonde Shaggy Ladies Man Wig. It’s sure to help transform you into that sweet-talking person you’ve always wanted to be. Top off your disco outfit with this wig, or add it to any character that you think would style their hair this way, whether it’s royalty, a rock star, or Robin Hood. You’re sure to have a great time dancing the night away when your locks look this luscious!

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