Adult Orange Footless Tights


Complete your look with these colorful Adult Orange Footless Tights! These bright tights will be a great addition to your next pumpkin, vegetable or even witch costume!

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Color AppreciationOrange is an entirely underrated color. It is the color of popsicles and lollipops in the summer. It’s the color of sunrises and sunsets. In the fall leaves turn orange before covering the ground like brilliant confetti. Pumpkins are such a happy orange that many of them even smile while they sit in front of houses all season. The color is eye-catching. It warns of danger and announces parties. But not nearly enough people wear the bold color outside of hunting trips.But what if you’re masquerading as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween? Or what if you wanted to be a safety cone? Candy corn wouldn’t be caught dead without their orange bases. And cartoon birds? Well, you best believe their legs are fluorescent orange every time!Product DetailsAppreciate Orange’s brilliance with these Orange Footless Tights. They’re thin enough to be worn as a base layer to any vibrant outfit but thick enough to provide a little protection for the elements. Without feet, you can wear these tights with any wild pair of slippers, shoes, or socks that will help take your look to the next level.Live LoudDon’t let your everyday wardrobe fall flat, your clownfish costume sink, or your fiery side get smothered. These Orange Footless Tights add a pop of color to your favorite outfits and make any truly festive Halloween character come to life!

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