Disco Diva Plus Size Women’s Costume


Become the bell of the disco ball when you wear this Disco Diva Plus Size Women’s Costume. It features a black disco dress with a rainbow shimmer pattern. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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To Be a DivaSo, you’d like to become a disco diva? Well, that’s a pretty exciting endeavor. There are a few rules to the diva lifestyle. First, a diva always makes an entrance! Hopefully, you’ve got connections with the DJ so he knows to blast your theme song (by the way, you’ll need one of those) as soon as you step into the disco. Now that we think about it, a diva should probably make an exit too. We think you should try executing one last twirl and throw down a smoke pellet like some dancing villain. Lastly, to make sure you’re going to be remembered as a disco diva forever, you’ve either got to dance like no one or everyone is watching, whatever helps you get your groove on. Because here’s the thing, divas don’t hold anything back no matter who is around. Product DetailsIf you’re ready to become a dancing queen, you’ll love this gorgeous black dress with colorful holographic sparkles. It has a subtle sweetheart neckline with ruching in the middle and substantial straps so you don’t have to deal with annoying strapless undergarments. The pink sequined stretchy belt slips around your waist to enhance your disco dancing. You’ll also receive a festive disco ball necklace to complement the sparkles of your dress. Top off the ensemble with some gorgeous disco era hair and you’ll be ready for the lights of the dancefloor!Hot StuffIf you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard the news. Disco is back, baby! So you’ll feel like you’re on top of the hottest trend once you’re rocking this dress. So maybe you’re heading to a seventies themed party to boogie down with fellow disco enthusiasts. Or maybe you’re fighting the good fight and want to set the disco trend off right at your next costume party. Either way, this fabulous look is sure to put you in touch with your inner disco diva!

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