Deluxe PJ Masks Kid’s Catboy Light Up Costume


Use your super cat speed to race around and nab up all the candy, in this PJ Masks Kids Catboy Deluxe Light Up Costume. Officially licensed, and modeled after the sleek cat like design of Connor’s nighttime alias.

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pounce into actionLook, we’re jealous. Your kiddo has an endless reserve of energy. That’s great, of course, but there is something kinda unfair about the clear relationship between a kid’s boundless activity and our own exhaustion. It’s practically supernatural.Fortunately, by tapping into a force that few can completely comprehend, your child can have a pretty amazing outlet for all that power. If they are at all a fan of the PJ Masks TV show, they no doubt are looking to find those magic PJs themselves. That’s a great opportunity waiting to be played out! product detailsHelp your tyke let out their inner leader with this PJ Masks Kid’s Catboy Deluxe Light Up Costume. It’s comprised of that iconic blue jumpsuit, an attached stuffed tail, foam shoe covers, foam mask, and an LED light in a chest pocket. Best of all, it’s officially licensed, so you can worry less about the quality of the stitching and more about what fun adventures to line item when your little one suits up! PJ purrfect Most youngster heroes get a bunch of crazy powers from aliens, ghosts, or some other strange place and you can never really trust what might happen. But, when this magical costume gives your tyke the tricks of the tomcat, you can feel secure that the extra running around will be purely adorable.

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