Black Cat Costume Companion


This Black Cat Costume Companion won’t give you bad luck if you’re wearing it instead of crossing it on the street. Therefore you should get it before your friends so you don’t see it on the streets.

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Witch’s WaysHaving a cat as a pet to help you with all your brewing and potion making is an absolute must. They are so helpful when you need an extra set of hands to bring you ingredients that they have become downright synonymous with witchery!One time, when we were making a fresh batch of love potions, we had to constantly stir but we forgot the wormtongue all the way across the shop! With disaster impending, we had to rely on our cat in the shop, and do you know what happened? That awesome cat got our tongue.Product DetailsBecoming a witch is not as easy as people think, but we can all do the step of finding a familiar, such as this Black Cat Costume Companion! This “Made By Us” costume companion was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about using it for years to come. This adorable stuffed cat hides a magical secret: it is also a bag. With adjustable straps and a cute fuzzy face, this will soon become your favorite bag of all. Its cute soft face will win you over in seconds, as will its adorable little paws. You will never be a witch without a familiar, so make sure you get yours today!

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