Dog Catcher Costume Kit


Become the one person the neighborhood pet will fear while you are out in the Dog Catcher Costume Kit. Be it hunting the pets or other animals at the parties, may you be ever successful.

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Catch All the Puppers!Dog catchers are always portrayed as the bad guys in stories! They’re shown sneaking around the dark streets with their big nets, on the prowl for stray animals with sweet eyes and a need to get back to their loving owners. If the dog catcher nabs them, they’re almost certain to spend the night in a scary pound while they worry about finding their way home. You can certainly play it scary with your catcher costume, but you could also update the job a little bit. For instance, you could be the kind of dog catcher who only takes the actual strays and then gives them an amazing home!Product Details Snatch a great Halloween costume when you nab this exclusive Dog Catcher Costume Kit! You’re the classiest (or evillest) pound owner ever in a black bow tie and flat-billed gray cap. An oversized net is perfect for scooping up a cute pooch or two. Pooch Pilferer A dog catcher is a perfect job for a dog lover! If anyone complains that you’re taking away all the dogs and keeping them for yourself, just tell them that it’s all in a day’s work for you. 

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