Toddler Spiny Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume


Have a little one that lives and breathes the Jurassic Era? Send them back in time to romp with the dinosaurs with this toddler’s Spiny Stegosaurus costume!

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A Very Spiny StegosaurusIt seems like the famous dinosaurs just get all the attention. You know who we’re talking about. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Velociraptor. And so on, and so on. Well, we think just about every dinosaur is the tops. That’s right, we think they’re all cool! And, chances are, if your kid loves dinos? He or she feels the same way!And we’re sure they’re very aware of a very particular dino who had some big-time spiny plates. We’re talking, of course, about the venerable Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus, be assured, is no slouch! He’s long, on all fours, and he is always showing off those bony plates that run along his spine. Which means, and this is the part where we come in, it’s time to get your kiddo into a Stegosaurus costume!We’re all too happy to oblige, which is why we’ve created this Toddler Spiny Stegosaurus Costume right here in our own costume studios. A exclusive, this costume features serious attention to detail: everything from the foam spikes to printed textures make this a fantastic costume choice.Design and DetailsMade by Us, our talented designers created this costume because, you guessed it, we just love our dinos! As a hooded jumpsuit, it’s a stylish costume selection. The detailed print features scales and gradient colors, it’s got the soft-sculpted spine plates attached to the back, and eyes on the hood to complete the animal effect. It really is a one-of-a-kind style!The Invite is in the mailWhen the invite to the costume party comes, get your child this Stegosaurus costume, and they’ll be the star of the show. Or, if it’s trick-or-treating time that’s coming up, be sure to get it for Halloween. You’ll probably even want to keep this costume handy for play time, because what kiddo wouldn’t want to zoom around the park as a cool dinosaur!

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