Beetlejuice Kids Costume


Dress them up as the best character in movie history with our Beetlejuice Kids Costume. This marvelous black and white stripped suit modeled after the iconic movie character, will have them all saying Beetlejuice 3 times!

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Available for Bio-ExorcismsGot a problem with the living? Need to frighten a few would-be residents from your beautiful home like the Maitlands? Well, there’s only one name in the game when it comes to effective and timely bio-exorcisms! He might be crude, he might be rude, and he might be completely dead, but Beetlejuice truly is the best in the business. He has tons of experience scaring the living daylights out of humans by any means necessary. The only catch is that you have to say his name three times… and he might try to trick you or a family member into a marriage so he can escape his tenure in the afterlife (the rules of the world of the deceased are a little strange)!Now, your child can transform into the mischief-making character from the movie with this Kid’s Beetlejuice Costume. It’s officially licensed from the film and it comes with everything your child needs to transform into the ghost with the most. You don’t even need to say the name three times to get it!Design & DetailsThis Made by Us costume captures plenty of great details from the Tim Burton movie. It starts out with a black and white striped jacket with a button-up front. The matching pants fit with elastic and the shirt front even comes with a black tie to bring the whole look together. When your child puts it on, they’ll be ready to scare any visitors away from your home.It’s Showtime!If your child is a fan of the Tim Burton classic, then they’ll love dressing up as the one and only Beetlejuice. With a style that recreates the iconic look from the movie, it’s an easy choice for any child itching to dress up as a scary character this year!

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