Plus Size Coming to America King Costume


You can transform into King Jaffe Joffer this Halloween with this exclusively licensed Plus Size Coming to America King Costume! This costume is perfect for fans of 80s comedies.

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We have to wonder if, during his time in America, King Joffer of Zamunda ever got to try out McDowell’s. He’s certainly had McDonalds, but who cares about McDonald’s when you can have McDowell’s? They’ve got the golden arches, we’ve got the golden arcs. They’ve got the Big Mac, we’ve got the Big Mic! McDowell’s is most certainly the finest eatery in all of Queens. But, when you’re the king of your own nation, it can be hard to eat with the common folk. Especially when you’ve got women dropping rose petals wherever you walk (as they should, because you’re the king!). So it can be hard to understand why your heir, your own son, wants to travel off to America to find a wife. What’s wrong with all the women of Zamunda? He could choose any one of them. But you love your son, so what are you going to do?Well you’re certainly not going to let him give away his title and his fortune! Absolutely not! And you’ll be damned if you see him get that Soul Glo (“Just let your Soul Glo!”). None of that is proper for a prince of Zamunda. And Semmi… well, you don’t trust Semmi, do you? He’s a bit obsessed with power and money. Semmi has no interest in finding a wife. At least your son’s intentions are honorable. Yes, you’re proud of your boy Akeem. So you shall support his choice of wife. You can do anything. After all, you’re the king of Zamunda! So have the royal ladies dress you and put on your lion skin. It’s time to show Queens what a king is.

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