Women’s Deluxe Harry Potter McGonagall Costume


Head Gryffindor and teach young wizards spells and lessons dressed in the Women’s Deluxe Harry Potter McGonagall Costume, but be weary of lurking mischief!

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The Professor with PoiseProfessor McGonagall one elegant wizard. Just look at her unparalleled skill in the magical arts! With a tiny flick of her wand, she can perform the most powerful spells that the wizarding world has ever seen. She can transform into a cat as if it was a mere afterthought. She can also use her immense level of ability to disarm an evil wizard before they have a chance to counter. Harry Potter and his friends are lucky to have her as teacher and Head of House Gryffindor!Well, now you can bring the guidance and poise of Professor McGonagall to life with this Deluxe McGonagall Costume, which is officially licensed from the Harry Potter movies!Design & DetailsInspired by the iconic character from Harry Potter, this adult Professor Minerva McGonagall Costume is a women’s outfit that recreates her unique outfit. The costume comes with a black, long-sleeve dress with elastic in the wrists and waist to provide a snug fit. The matching black cloak fits over the dress and has pointed shoulders, along with bell-shaped sleeves. It fits with a silver-colored button fastener in the front. Of course, you can’t fully transform into the professor without her signature hat! This costume comes with a wide-brimmed hat with a pointed top to give you that classic witch style. Put it all together and you’ll be ready to head to Hogwarts as the new Head of House Gryffindor!Don’t Forget Your WandIf you see yourself as a wise and elegant wizard, then you may just be ready to take on the role of Professor McGonagall. This costume comes with everything you need to begin your new career as a wizard, but you may want to check out our selection of toy wands to fully outfit yourself like the Harry Potter character.

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