Women’s Horn & Skull Headpiece


Become a confident killer queen with this Women’s Horn & Skull Headpiece! This gorgeously gothic headpiece could be just the accessory you need to complete your amazing costume this Halloween!

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Best DressedSo the Halloween party is coming up and you know you want to make a statement. You can’t just wear any old thing. At least three members of your girl squad are coming as sexy ghosts. While you applaud their choices, you want to stand out. Be remarkable. Be memorable. So, what do you do? The answer is obvious – you choose an accessory so remarkable, so unique, so eye-catching, that it’s all anyone who attended the party will be able to talk about for months. It will set the bar for costumes for years to come! Product Details Knock ’em dead (hopefully not literally) with this incredible Horn and Skull Women’s Headpiece! Two curving gray-black horns are attached to a sturdy headband so that you can wear it over your favorite hairstyle. A skull surrounded by faux red flowers perches in between the horns, and jeweled metal chains drape gracefully across your forehead. Amazing Every TimeThe best kind of accessory turns even the most basic outfit into something truly remarkable. Pair it with anything from your favorite LBD to an elaborate voodoo priestess costume. The results will be stunning! 

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