Barb Wire Zombie Bat Prop


Take on an army of the walking dead with this Barb Wire Zombie Bat. It’ll make a great addition to that Negan costume. This bat is a great weapon to have during the outbreak.

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Here’s a discussion nobody’s having but we definitely should be having: how will we protect ourselves in an apocalyptic scenario? We don’t want to be downers or anything, but it’s good to be prepared, you know? Next time you fill your tank at the gas station across from the cemetary, just imagine a bony hand poking out through the cold ground. What would you do? We would personally beat those skeleton fingers back into the ground with this Barb Wire Zombie Bat. It’s the only melee weapon we would trust in a battle to the death with a cemetary full of undead! In reality, it’s a just-over-thirty-one-inch-long plastic bat with nylon ties to look like barbed wire. It’s the only melee weapon prop we would trust in a fictitious apocalyptic battle to the death if a cemetery of folks rose to create an undead army! There, that’s more like it.

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