Ninja Star Victim Kit


Become the mightiest Ninja warrior when you keep fighting after being hit by a ninja star with this Ninja Star Victim Kit. With a little blood and glue, this ninja star will look like it is lodged in your skin!

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OopsIt was meant to be a simple job. You raced across the rooftops, practically invisible in your black clothes and mask, and dropped into the sleeping home through a skylight. Your thoughts were completely on the job ahead: getting in and out undetected, while delivering justice in between. Maybe that’s why you didn’t hear the noise behind you until it was too late. You turned around and – wait. Your target was another ninja?! Your surprise briefly overcomes your catlike instincts, which is unfortunate because now you have a bit of a problem. Thank goodness for your ninja endurance! Product Details Some will scream, some will laugh, but all will be amazed by your gruesome injury! This Ninja Star Victim kit comes with liquid latex to glue your ghastly gash in place, while the bloody scab liquid oozes terrifyingly from the open wound. All in a day’s work for one of the world’s deadliest warriors! Made of Tough StuffWear it to a party, prank a friend – heck, even bring it to work if your boss has a strong enough sense of humor. No weapon embedded in your flesh is going to keep you from having fun! 

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