Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Costume Dress for Kids


Your child will be excited to wear this officially licensed Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Dress Costume for Kids especially if Belle is her favorite Disney Princess. Features Belle’s iconic blue dress as seen in the classic Disney movie.

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Great Wide SomewhereIs your child always daydreaming? Perhaps about grand adventures, princes, and acts of courage? Does your child get so excited about a trip to the library that she ends up with a pile of books so high that she can hardly see over it when it’s time to check out? If reading to sheep in a village square sounds right up your little girl’s alley, then this Child Disney Beauty and the Beast Blue Dress costume is the perfect outfit for your very own special girl! It comes from the timeless Disney movie and will help your child get ready for an adventure of her own.Design & DetailsYour child will feel brave and beautiful when she slips into Belle’s iconic blue dress. Perfect for a trip to the village bookstore, or to a grand journey to a castle in the woods, the pinafore style dress is blue, just like the one Belle wears. It laces up the back in a faux corset style. A crisp white blouse and matching long apron will make your child feel ready to twirl in a field and dream up yet another brand-new adventure. Topped off with a blue bow, your little one will look just like the one and only Disney princess, Belle!

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