Alligator Plush Costume Hat


Complete your Alligator costume this Halloween with this Alligator Plush Costume Hat. It makes an awesome gift for alligator lovers. Fits adults and children alike. Let the fun begin!

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Chomp! Um. Hey, man. We don’t know how to tell you this exactly, but ever since you came back from your visit to Florida, you’ve looked a little different. Can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s definitely something. Did you get contacts recently? No? A new haircut? No…Oh! We’ve got it! There’s an alligator eating your head! You might want to get that checked out. That doesn’t sound like a safe condition to live with, although you do seem pretty happy about it!  Product Details Give them your best toothy smile when you wear this exclusive Plush Alligator Costume Hat! The hilarious headpiece has printed reptile scale graphics as well as two golden alligator eyes, a long snout, and several sharp-looking “fangs.” Use it to complete an alligator costume or just wear it to get a great laugh! Open Wide  The doctor’s report is back, and they’re stumped. It must be harder to remove your head from inside an alligator’s gullet than one might expect. This alligator seems like a happy fellow, though. Maybe you’ll both enjoy the new look!  

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