Cat Soft Headband & Tail Accessory Kit


Be a witch’s familiar or go solo with this Cat Soft Headband & Tail Kit. You’ll look purrfect. Black cats don’t actually give people bad luck, but just in case don’t cross anyone’s path.

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The Witch’s AssistantWhen it comes to stirring up magic, you’d think magicians and witches would think better of hiring assistants. Seems like they’re always getting into trouble. For instance, this curious black cat has only been a witch’s assistant for a few days and has already caused a few potions to go wild. On Monday, the cat tipped an extra eye of newt into the cauldron, causing the potion to turn from a love spell into a strange, scaly transformation spell. Now the village’s most eligible bachelor looks like a very muscular lizard on two legs. On Tuesday, the kitty caught a bat that was delivering a message from a neighboring crone. And on Thursday, the kitty used a potted nightshade plant as a litter box. Still, this kitty has its charms. And in the end, it looks like this cat will be sticking around!Product DetailsThis sleek cat set features a soft-sculpted hat headband with golden eyes and sweet, alert ears. The long furry tail can connect to an outfit with a belt loop. Complete this look with a simple black outfit and a few whiskers around your nose and you’ll be ready to cause a little kitty mischief!

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