Adult Cat Sublimated Face Mask


Have fun and stay safe with the Adult Cat Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a funny cat face on the front! Purrrfect for any cat lover out there! Stay safe and have fun.

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Furry Neat Freak It’s a verified fact that cats are hygiene champions. After all, they are pretty much the only species with a washcloth for a tongue. They don’t hesitate to whip it out under any circumstance. Brought a date home to the apartment? Time for Fluffy to sit on his lap and lick her toe beans. Want to give cute kitty a little scritchums? He gives you a disgusted look and immediately starts cleaning the place where you dared to touch his ears. Who knows where those furless human hands have been? He plans to throw up in your shoe to retaliate.Product Details With your Adult Cat Sublimated Face Mask, you’ll be able to imitate Boot’s obsession with cleanliness. The 100 percent polyester velour and broadcloth material protect your face from the elements. Elastic ear loops keep it tightly and comfortably secured. Enjoy the feeling of feline superiority with this face mask!

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