Women’s Sugar Skull Mask


Add a touch of color to the dark night with the Women’s Sugar Skull Mask. This vibrant mask will be sure to attract a lot of compliments.

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Brighten Up the Other SideThe Realm of the Dead is typically portrayed as a pretty bland place. It’s all black and white, bones and dust, bleak night and a white moon. And, sure, the whole grayscale approach does have its aesthetic value. There is a hint of romance and wonder about all that Tim Burton-style design. But, there’s a reason the Day of the Dead is such a celebration!It’s time for all the loved ones from the hereafter to come and join us in some pretty splendid celebrations. But, why would they bother showing up if they’re just going to see the same world of bleach and gray!? If you want to liven up the spirits of the beyond, it’s important to give them what they’ve been missing and brighten up their night! Product DetailsYou can make sure that the world is filled with vivid color and epic style with this Sugar Skull Mask. This is a half mask with faux gems and bright, warm faux flowers all throughout. Pick a color and you’re sure to find it! With sweeping designs and an elastic band, this mask is sure to bring some extra fun to your Dia de Muerta enjoyment. Celebrate in Flashy StyleWhether part of a Halloween look or a traditional Dia de Muertos celebration, this Sugar Skull Mask will be a colorful way to top off your shining costume! 

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