Toddler Sea Turtle Costume


Have your little one looking swimmingly adorable by getting them this Toddler Sea Turtle Costume. Once your kiddo puts this Toddler Sea Turtle Costume, there will be no denying on how turtlely amazing they will look!

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Deep-Sea DiveIt seems like only yesterday your little one was a hatchling, but now they are big kids and have their own ideas, interests, and personality. Isn’t it cool? Recently, your child embarked on a long, deep dive into the world of underwater animals, and by now they’ve read every book, memorized every species, and learned every song on the subject.They love all the sharks and dolphins, whales and octopuses, jellyfish and lobsters. But the animal that has truly captured your kid’s huge imagination is the stately sea turtle. How perfect, then, that you have floated over to this Toddler Sea Turtle Costume, so you can help your child totally transform this Halloween! We know your kiddo is bound to be a wave-maker, so get them started on the right…flipper…with this whimsical, nature-inspired costume that’s as calming as it is exciting!Design & DetailsThis costume is made exclusively by us and is crafted to look so realistic! It’s a front-zip jumpsuit with a hood that turns your kid’s head into that of a beloved sea turtle. The fin-shaped sleeves have slits at the wrists to allow your kid to use their hands and the attached shoe covers have elastic bands under the feet to stay secure. A stuffed shell completes the illusion. We think your child and this costume will get along swimmingly!Tides May ChangeEnjoy this phase, because you never know what obsession your child will come up with next. Like garbage trucks. Or fire ants. Trust us, when it comes to toddler fixations, sea turtles are a pretty fun option. So go along for the swim!

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