Adult Velociraptor Costume


This Adult Velociraptor Costume will make you roar with happiness. All other costumes will go extinct to make way for it. How many opportunities do you get to have a tail?

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A Monstrous MakeoverYou’ve been hearing it for years. The “king of the jungle.” All bow down and recognize their roar. The most powerful hunter to ever tread upon the ground. Here in contemporary times, folks are talking all about the lion and that crown of fur that makes up its mane. You’re not sure what that is all about because you grew up in a time when the T-Rex was telling everyone to stray far from its stomping ground. No matter which king they’re talking about, you’ve had it!When will it finally be time for the world to recognize the wonder of the raptor!? Haven’t you more than earned your stripes, showing off your superior intellect, expert hunting skills, and pack tactics that neither lion nor tyrannosaur could match? Maybe you just need to shine up those scales and remind everyone out there that you’re the one they should be watching. So, take a step on the wild side and make it work with this Adult Velociraptor costume!Design & DetailsClaim the crown of the dinosaur kingdom with a Made By Us costume that will remind the world of the dinosaur that they came to love! How? Well, your transformation begins when you zip yourself into this dinosaur jumpsuit. The flannel keeps it comfy, while the printing gives you the rugged stripes of our favorite jungle hunter.A fiberfill tail is fastened to the ear and the same stuffing gives your claws a fierce silhouette thanks to the attached mitts and the boot covers. The hood is printed to show off a pair of smart eyes and rows of felt teeth. All that is left is for you to claim the crown when you conquer the urban jungle! Just make sure any T-Rex (or lion) along the way knows that you’re the kind of clever competitor that never struts alone.

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