Adult Comfy Shark Costume


Dress as your favorite underwater creature in this exclusive Adult’s Comfy Shark Costume. This blue Shark jumpsuit has a hood and has fins on the backside of it.

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Com-fy Shark, n-n-n-nap!You really can put any two-syllable word in place of baby and have a killer time with everyone’s most loved-hated song. Take, for example, comfy. Comfy sharks would be great. Instead of do-do-do-do, they’d be more like n-n-n-nap! Or e-e-e-eat. Instead of hunt, you’d be able to belt “let’s go sleep”—probably with a bit more excitement even. Just imagine it! A dozy shark just lounging in the ocean, waving at the little fishies instead of chasing them for snacks. You’d still get to hang with the entire family too! Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa probably want to be comfy sharks for a day or two themselves. We think it’s time to grant those toothily-grinning creatures the break they deserve!Design & DetailsLet your favorite sharks live vicariously through you when you don this Adult Comfy Shark Costume! This light blue zippered jumpsuit is designed for comfort and ease. Step in and simply pull the zipper—located on the front—all the way up, and you’re transformed into the coziest looking shark you’ve ever laid eyes on (probably). Slots in the arms allow you to continue utilizing your human hands, however, so you’re ready to get comfy and enjoy your snacks or change the channel as needed. Should anyone come to bug you, disappear under the stern gaze embroidered on the hood. Completing the look is a soft-sculpted tail and fin, so should you venture out of the house, everyone will know what comfy creature you are!Shark SweetsMake a splash this Halloween as a sweet and not-so-sour shark in this Adult Comfy Shark Costume! The Made By Us exclusive is just the item to pair with your kiddo’s Baby Shark look. Staying in? This jumpsuit works for a low key Halloween as well and is sure to make the trick-or-treaters grin when they’re greeted with candy from a shark!

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