Infant Grey Squirrel Costume


You’ll go nuts seeing your little one in the adorable Infant Grey Squirrel Costume! Be a little nutty this Halloween with the Infant Grey Squirrel Costume!

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Nuts About YouLet’s not beat around the bush. You are totally, completely crazy for your kiddo. Of course, why wouldn’t you be? But given that fact we’re a little nervous to introduce you to this Infant Gray Squirrel Costume…it’s so adorable, we fear it may push you into pure obsession mode!OK, OK, we give up. Here you go. Just look at this sweet costume. It’s almost as though it was made for your little one. Cozy, cute, and perfectly suited for your baby’s busy nature, this woodland getup is guaranteed to be a hit come Halloween. Whether you and your family are planning a forest theme with deer, raccoon, and bear costumes, or you just want to snuggle your baby squirrel until Spring thaw, this fall-inspired transformation is a perfect pick for your tot’s first Halloween costume. As it turns out, you could love your baby even more. Who knew?Design & DetailsFinding a cute costume is one thing, but finding a well-made, detailed look that also keeps your child cozy and is easy to get them into is like hitting the Halloween jackpot. And that’s just what you get with this exclusive costume, made right in our own design studio! It’s a simple one-piece jumpsuit, with all the details attached so there are no pieces to keep track of. The material is a plush gray faux fur, and it provides a warm pelt against the October air. The hood pulls up to reveal a sweet squirrel face, and the bushy tail — a squirrel requirement — is attached in the back! 

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