Powder Blue Tuxedo Adult Costume


Harry Dunne isn’t the only one who can wear our Powder Blue Tuxedo Adult Costume. You can rock this classy look, too. Our suit comes compete with jacket pants, bowtie and ruffled shirt.

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When White Won’t Do!We’ve all seen the luxury and clean look of the white tux. We can probably picture it. The groom is standing up there, bright white tux, pressed and refined. Every detail is perfected. They really made sure that the old black tux look wasn’t going to be boring folks at this formal gathering. No! They’re going to stand out and really show that they’re unique… unfortunately just about everyone else on the planet caught on to that idea and did the same darned thing!Look, Billy Idol was totally right. It is a nice day for a white wedding. It’d be a great day for a prom, a masquerade ball, or even a fun and surprising look at the Halloween party. But, he was even more right when he sang that it was time to start again! If you’re looking to make a statement and stand out, you can’t just make the same stand-out-statement that everyone else is already making, too! It’s time to go a little off-white. Maybe a lot off-white. Maybe right to powder blue!Design & DetailsIt’s time to bring some life to this moment! Make folks do a double-take when they think you’ve appeared in a flashy white tux only to realize that our Made by Us team has told your Powder Blue Tuxedo costume that the sky is the limit! This complete ensemble includes a tuxedo jacket, pants with pockets and a blue satin stripe, a ruffle-front shirt, and an adjustable cummerbund and bowtie. The whole thing features a soft blue shade that has you standing out just a bit more than the white tux guy standing over there. It’s Blue for You!When you think of how an ensemble can tell the world just who you are, make sure they aren’t confusing you with that other guy. A Powder Blue Tux says that not only did you reach for the becoming a unique cloud at your party, but you went for the whole darned sky!

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