Gryffindor Breakaway Toddler Tie


Your little one has been sorted into their house early and now it’s time to get ready for class with the Gryffindor Toddler Tie. Featuring a red and yellow stripe design. All you need now is your books, Potions, Broomstick, want, maybe a bird too.

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Gryffindor-ablePerhaps your little wizard or witch is already thinking about the fun and enchanted adventure that comes with attending the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They may even have the house they want to be enrolled in in their minds, and if they are daring, brave, and possess real courage in the face of challenges, they might be on the right track to join the ranks of Gryffindor! But as they wait for the decision of the Sorting Hat, they may as well dress the part, and wear the Gryffindor Class Toddler Breakaway Tie as they prep to enter the Wizarding World!Product DetailsThis 100% polyester tie is perfect for your little lion, as it features well… a little lion, crowned, with a banner reading “Gryffindor” around him, and the sword of the house founder Godric below, printed over gold and red stripes, denoting the house colors. Officially licensed, this tie fastens around the collar with a hook and loop, which fits most little witches and wizards, and doesn’t require anything as complicated as a spell to remove! With the Gryffindor Toddler Tie, your child will be more than ready to board the little boats ferrying new students to Hogwarts Castle by lantern light.

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