Adult Stealth Shinobi Ninja Plus Size Costume


Go ahead, impress others with your kicks and jumps wearing this Adult Stealth Shinobi Ninja Plus Size Costume. Your mission is to have fun and enjoy your mysterious nature. Available in 2X.

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PERFECT YOUR NINJITSUNinjas have a ton of stuff that they need to have under their belt.  And, we’re not just talking about all the secret weapons that they have stowed on their person.  Just to even graduate to the simplest of shinobi ranks, you’ve got to have a ton of skill sets perfected.  How’s your ability to blend into a crowd?  What about running up a tree and camouflaging yourself in the canopy?  Slinking into the shadows and appearing somewhere else? Those are some crazy tricks to get figured out and then you’re still expected to have your look put together?  One that both helps to augment your stealthy abilities and also is intimidating enough to strike fear in the hearts of those who dare confront you?  Phew!  That’s a heck of a lot of work.  No wonder most ninjas have to get their start when they are still youngsters.  What about the rest of us who only just started our shinobi careers!? DESIGN & DETAILSWhile you’re working on polishing up those ninja skills, we can help out with the look.  Our team of designers might not all be real ninjas, but they hit the mark every time with high quality costuming and this Stealth Shinobi Costume is a perfect example!  Feel comfortable and mysterious in your black jersey long sleeve shirt with attached ninja hood and fingerless gloves.  The matching pants have billowing lower legs and an elastic fit.  The gauntlets and leg guards feature crosshatch detailing and a stretchy underside.  The headband, face mask, and belt give you the final details to complete your look… though getting a few weapons is never a bad idea. SHORTCUT TO SUCCESSPerfecting all your ninjitsu abilities is going to be time-consuming enough.  Sneak beyond all that work and strike right to the heart of the fun of your adventure with our Shinobi Costume.  Just watch out for the Samurai who may be on the hunt!

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