Infant Costume Teeny T-Rex


Send your baby back to prehistoric times, or at least feel like you are, when you put them in the Infant Teeny T-Rex Costume. The green onesie won’t let you stop pinching those cheeks, because they’re just so cute!

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Growing Up DinosaurLet’s face it. The time for you to be a dinosaur is over. When you grow up, you have to face the facts and live that adult life. You have to get a job, pay the bills, set aside your dreams of becoming a terrible thunder lizard. But your little one on the other hand! Well, they still have plenty of prime dinosaur years ahead of them and it’s up to you to make them the most dino-riffic years of their life.That means you need to your little one how to roar and how to stamp their feet like a big, vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex! You also might need one awesome costume to help your child feel like one ferocious little dino! Don’t worry, because our costume designers worked hard to get an outfit that’s just right for your baby!Design & DetailsThis Infant Teeny T-Rex Costume helps to transform your child into a tiny dino! It comes with a soft, green jumpsuit that zips up in front. It has bright orange stripes in back and it even has an attached, stuffed tail in back. The headpiece has some ultra-adorable T-Rex features, like faux teeth and a pair of big, bulbous eyes on top. The soft material will keep your baby nice and cozy as they head out hunting as the apex predator of the late Cretaceous Period.The Dinosaur DuoWant to know one more great thing about this costume? If gives you an excuse to relive your childhood fantasy of being a T-Rex! All you need to do is dress yourself up in one of our adult dinosaur costumes to match your little one and you can become a parent-child dinosaur duo that’s ready to take the neighborhood by storm! It’s the perfect way to spend your baby’s first Halloween.

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