Alien Face Mask


Have fun and protect yourself with the Alien Face Mask. Featuring a green alien face with those big black eyes.

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Mysterious MonstersWhat kinds of creatures dwell in the far reaches of the universe? According to Star Wars, you’ll find all matter of species running around galaxies near and far. Folks searching the stars speculate that there are little green men just waiting for the opportunity to visit Earth… perhaps even possess us! You never know what they can do with their telepathic powers and wordless wonders, after all. Well, there’s one thing that we can surely do to blend in with the aliens among us. Product DetailsBring a bit of outer space style to your daily wanderings when you wear this Alien Face Mask. This little green guy fits on your face in a far more comfortable way than most horror films suggest! Elastic cords keep the mask in place while the shiny green and black pattern make it look like a creature from the stars has found a home right on your face! No fear about any alien goo, either, since the mask can be popped into your washing machine with nothing to fear! Combine this with a costume for a really creepy look or just bring it out for your daily wear to keep the cold of space away. 

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