Ghostbusters Logo Halloween Bag


Pair this Ghostbusters Logo Halloween Bag with your Ghostbusters costume this Halloween. This round bag features the Ghostbusters logo with a length-adjustable red shoulder strap.

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You Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!Want to join the Ghostbusters? Then you’d better be fearless! Ghosts, ghouls, and a whole bevy of paranormal beings are just a part of the job. You never know when you’re going to face off against an ancient supernatural being, like Gozer or some kind of evil spirit inside of a painting. You’d also better be prepared for the occasional ectoplasmic sliming (just ask Venkman about that)! If you can handle all of that, then you’re ready to join the team. Of course, you’ll need a symbol that makes it official and we have something that’s tailormade for that!This Ghostbusters Logo Crossbody Bag will have you ready to face off against any ghost without fear! It’s officially licensed from the 1980s films and brings the logo to life as a convenient Halloween accessory to go along with your cosplay outfit.Design & DetailsThis Ghostbusters-inspired Halloween accessory helps solidify your place on the team. It’s made out of PVC faux leather and has an adjustable red shoulder strap to help provide a comfortable fit. The front has an appliqued image of the No-Ghost logo from the original movies. A 2-way zipper on the top reveals the interior compartment, which has enough space for your necessities, like cash, a small wallet, and more. If you plan on rushing to the next ghost hunting mission in style, or you need the perfect way to finish off your Ghostbusters costume, then this adorable Halloween bag is an easy choice.

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