Samurai Warrior Costume for Women


Emerge from the mist, shrouded in mystery and strength. This Women’s Samurai Warrior Costume will bring out your inner warrior and let you shed through your enemies.

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Simple. Sexy. Samurai.Of all the legendary warriors of our world, perhaps the most renowned are the Samurai. The Immortals were famed in their time, though the Spartans sure showed them at Thermopylae. But then, the Spartans were wrecked several times by Rome’s extremely famous Legionnaires. Those gave way to Vandal and Hunnish hordes, who in turn fell before the power of the medieval armored Knight. Finally, the Samurai showed the world what it was to be fierce.Though the Samurai were isolated and rarely fought outside of the Far East, they nevertheless gained a place at the top. Wielding their famous Katana, they could slice through any foe. Armored from head to toe in hardened or laminated leather, they were a fearsome sight on the other side of the battlefield. Their iconic helmet is just an extra bit of style to set off your fine form.This is just the thing to show up those poor fools dressed in their knight or Spartan garb. You will look sleek, sexy, and lethal in this Women’s Samurai Warrior Costume.Product DetailsYou will no doubt stand out from everyone else at the party in this Women’s Samurai Warrior Costume! The molded vinyl crest is very iconic and attaches to the foam helmet with a hook-and-loop fastener. The quality foam wrist cuffs slide on and off easily. The foam belt comes with side drapes and ties in the back. The foam chest armor slips easily over the head and has elastic loops at the back that can attach to the belt. The V-neck pullover tunic has mesh overlays on the upper sleeves for style and form. All the pieces are made from either 100 percent Polyester fabric, 100 percent lurex mesh, or 100 percent polyurethane foam.Not battle tested!One small, little detail here… this armor is more a proof of concept. That’s not to say that it won’t work on the battlefield; it’s just that we are not liable if in fact you arrive at the battlefield and find that this armor does not hold up to the rigors of warfare. In our defense, who really has access to battlefield testing sites? In this day and age, the costs are just too high to fully test the capabilities of any old suit of armor. Maybe you could send us your data after a few trial runs?

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