Women’s Sexy Genie Costume


Imagine how great it would be to have the magical powers of a genie. With this Women’s Sexy Genie Costume you can feel as though you have the power to grant everyone their wishes.

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Three Wish FormulaIt’s not every day that you find a genie’s lamp and get to make three wishes. Of course, once you get the chance, the pressure is on! How are you going to make the most of those wishes? These wishes could be life-changing in a good way or a bad way. Maybe, what we all need to do is prepare for the event, just in case we stumble across a genie’s lamp at a swap meet. Of course, you can’t wish for more wishes. That’s against the rules. But what if you wished that there weren’t any rules? After that, you’ve got to wish for the genie to save you from any bad wishes that you might come up with. And finally, you can wish for infinite wishes. Let us know if this works for your next genie experience!Design & DetailsWe’ve covered how to make your wishes, now it’s time to discover how to become a genie. The most important part is the outfit, of course. This magical Made By Us genie costume is a great place to start your wish-granting career. The costume features a midriff top and high-waisted harem pants. Trimmed in gold coins and fastening with gold snaps at the front, the top is rich with a blue and gold sparkling fabric. The harem pants have a short zipper on the back, making them easy to slip into. A mysterious veil trimmed in coins tops the whole look off, to complete your mystical look!Out of the OasisAre you ready to slip into something magical? No need to use up one of your precious three wishes. Pair this costume with a pair of gladiator sandals and a lamp and you’ll be ready to spread your own brand of magic at your next costumed event! Just remember to make your wishing rules nice and clear!

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