Adult Reindeer Mascot Costume


Be one of Santa’s main cohorts this Christmas with our Adult Reindeer Mascot Costume! It is big, soft, and perfect for your holiday party.

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Are you ready to represent everything that is Christmas? Well, then we’ve got the perfect costume for you! Check out this amazing Adult Reindeer Mascot Costume. You’ll be all set to get everybody amped up for your favorite time of the year with this festive jumpsuit.Sure some might expect the face of Christmas to be Santa or an elf, we get that. But everything St. Nick and his helpers work for would but futile without the hardworking reindeer that fly all around the world in a single night! They’re also just such friendly looking animals, so why not make them the mascot for the merriest holiday? Now, when you toss on this costume you could obviously go by the name of one of Santa’s very own reindeer, like Donner or Blitzen. However, we would suggest using your creativity to make up a whole new character. You could be Roland the Reindeer! Make up an awesome back story for Roland and then let the character come to life this Halloween or upcoming Christmas season and express your love for everything Christmas.If you’re ready to run around town as the merriest Christmas critter in town, slip into this velour jumpsuit and toss on the stuffed headpiece. You’ll easily be able to get plenty of holiday cheer going in your neighborhood! And most importantly, you can make everyone more aware of the hard work the reindeer put in year after year. Who knows? Maybe people will start leaving out more than a handful of carrots for those heroes.

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