Mini Leprechaun Sequin Hat Headband


Don’t get caught in a pinch this Halloween. Add this glitzy, green Sequin Mini Leprechaun Hat Headband as a costume accessory and you will have the luck of the Irish on your side!

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Lucky Hair DayYou’ve heard of a good hair day, of course. But have you heard about this phenomenon known as a “lucky hair day?” It is a rare occurrence when one’s tresses look so cute, they bring the wearer a streak of good luck! Now we’ve done a lot of research trying to figure out how to increase the chances of having a lucky hair day, and it turns out that wearing this Sequin Mini Leprechaun Hat Headband has over a 90% success rate when you wear it. Plus, it makes your hair look sensational. What more could you ask for in an accessory?Product DetailsWhether you opt to wear this shiny adornment for St. Patty’s day, or you want to test our theory and wear it to a casino, you’ll look lovely in its metallic emerald sequins and black fabric headband. The big buckle on the hat is leprechaun-chic and the best part is, you can remove the hat from the band and pin it directly into your hair if you prefer!On a RollGo ahead and give this headband a whirl. We think you’ll find yourself on a winning streak. We mean, you’re already pretty lucky even to have landed on this page, so just imagine what else is possible! 

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