Cocktail Springy Santa Headband


This is a Cocktail Springy Santa Headband. Have a little fun at your next holiday party with this headband! This springy Santa hat will make everyone laugh and have a great time!

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A Twist of CheerLooking for a simple but cute addition to your festive holiday outfit? With this headband, there will be more than one corkscrew at this year’s holiday party! No wine bottles are needed to use the corkscrew style featured on this Cocktail Springy Santa Headband; it will bounce around on its own. Or are you looking for your child’s accessories and not for yourself? Kids will also enjoy the band’s whimisical style. We are definitely getting Whoville vibes from its poufs and twirls, so Grinch fans big and small will love this look! Product DetailsThis holiday headband is a mix of velvet and faux fur. The red fabric on the headband and in the “spring” are velvet soft, while the white fur pouf and base make it look more like Santa’s hat. The design is both silly and sweet and will work in many holiday senarios. Whether your kid needs to get festive for a school day theme, or you are looking for something funny to wear around the office, this Springy Santa Headband is the perfect fit. So grab your drink of choice (be it mulled wine or hot chocolate) and toast to the festive spirit of the season!

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