Gem Skull Makeup Kit


Show off your dark side with the Gem Skull Makeup Kit. This will for sure give your family and friends the freaky facial expression your looking for.

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Diamond StrengthIf there’s one thing you’ve always been adamant about, it’s proper dental hygiene. Brushing twice a day is the minimum for you. Flossing is an art form and even your dentist asked for a demonstration of your technique, so they could share your outstanding practice with their other patients.From the sounds of it, you have some of the healthiest teeth on Earth. Bright and shining. And incredibly strong. In fact, you can bite through hand-scooped ice cream and sip the hottest soup. Those teeth are probably so strong that you could eat an entire bucket of candy on Halloween night, forget to brush (this one time) and experience zero side-effects. Your teeth are practically diamonds…Product DetailsWhy not test out the Halloween candy theory (sounds like you deserve it) with this Gem Skull Makeup Kit? You’ll have everything you need to create a spooky skeleton look for your costume and the temporary chompers that allude to your outstanding oral hygiene. A palette of black, silver, and white cream makeup along with 20 included jewel stickers are at your disposal. Follow the suggested styling or invent your own unique look to show off more than just your impressive diamond teeth!Temporary HereafterProper brushing, flossing, rinsing, and dental visits are a must for keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth strong. But if you’ve missed a couple brushes and still want to have sturdy teeth now, for Halloween, and in the hereafter, this Gem Skull Makeup Kit has you covered! At least while you masquerade as a diamond-toothed skeleton.

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