Plus Size Women’s Pilgrim Costume


Step off the Mayflower and join your menfolk at Plymouth Colony in the new world in this Plus Size Women’s Pilgrim Costume. Add shoe buckles to complete the colonial look.

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In olden times, nobody was more desirable than a plus size pilgrim. After all, the harsh winters and the settlers’ limited knowledge of their new surroundings meant that nourishment was really hard to come by. So if you somehow managed to pack a little extra stuffing into your turkey, you did! And all the other pilgrims looked on jealously as you munched on the fruits of your labor.These days, people have it so easy: even the feeblest revelers get the chance to stuff their faces with a cornucopia of delicious foods and sweets practically year-round. But we never want to forget the gregarious ladies who paved the way for all of our mashed potatoes and green bean casseroles by marrying their hard work and dedication to their powerful appetites. Or the Native Americans who took pity on the poor Europeans and shared their bounteous knowledge and surplus food!So we offer this great-looking Plus Size Pilgrim Woman Costume in hopes of bringing a slice of delicious history to life. It features a prim-looking poplin dress and a lacy apron to help accentuate your curves. And if the puritanical black-and-white of this outfit feels a little austere, think of all the fun you can have dressing up with a partner or a group of friends! Recreate the first Thanksgiving feast if you want, or simply show off to the hungry pilgrims who all crave a piece of your pumpkin pie!

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