Adult Buffalo Bill Wig


Get this Adult Buffalo Bill Wig set that features a mustache and chin beard to go along with the wig. By adding this accessory you’ll have an authentic and completed look to your costume.

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THE WILDEST WESTThere are some names associated with the Old West that everyone knows.  But, how many folks actually know about these wild folks from the early days of settling the frontier?  Did you know Buffalo Bill was a soldier?  An outfitter?  That he got his name for hunting for folks and not for his famous show?When you have to win a hunting competition just to earn the name that you were already given, you know that you’re going to have to do everything you can with it.  And, in the frontier days, who could do better than “Buffalo Bill!?”  PRODUCT DETAILSBecome one of the most famous folks in the Wild West with this Buffalo Bill Adult Wig.  This shining gray/white wig features the showman’s iconic flowing style as well as the mustache and chin beard that match the locks.  This will be the perfect compliment to your western look.  You could even adapt it for a more northern look.  Think North Pole… PRETTY PROGRESSIVE FOR THE OLD WESTIt can be pretty tough to both be a cowboy of the Wild West and still maintain some human decency.  Turns out that Buffalo Bill refused to play cowbows and indians unless it was for equal pay and civil camaraderie!  Channel that perfect combo of frontiersman and good old chap with this Buffalo Bill Wig Set! 

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