Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Scarf


Who wouldn’t want a friendly ghost dog to hang out with them all the time? Get this Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Scarf and have your own Zero with you 24/7!

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Freaky Fido Who cares about reindeer games and foggy Christmas Eves when you’ve got this pumpkin-nosed fella? Zero proves that man’s best friend is loyal even into the afterlife. He’s happiest when romping in Jack Skellington’s ghostly footsteps, especially when his skeleton master plays fetch with his own rib bones. Maybe Christmas is a bigger holiday than Halloween, but we bet Santa Claus can’t do that trick with his reindeer! Does Rudolph turn into a shooting star? We didn’t think so.Product Details With this Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Scarf, you can take your playful undead pet anywhere you go! The long, polyester “body” of the scarf drapes flowingly over your shoulders for a truly spectral look. A foam head is attached to one end, embroidered with Zero’s cheerful features. The battery pack under the head has a cell battery to make the face’s pumpkin nose turn on when Jack Skellington needs a helpful light, and off when the military is threatening to shoot. Go ahead and live your Halloween-Christmas dreams. Zero will be with you every step of the way!

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