Full-Face Mask of Boris


This Bendy and the Ink Machine Boris Full-Face Mask is an easy way to transform into your favorite cartoon character. Add a pair of white overalls and a black shirt to complete this look.

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Sing Your Sheep SongsHave you ever wished you could be in an old-school 50s cartoon? You could go around getting into all sorts of hijinks full of hilarity and glee with your fellow cartoon characters. It’s all just fun and games. That is until the ink machine takes on a life of its own and your cartoon world gets spilled into the real world. The two just don’t mix well, especially when the cartoon’s main character has become an evil entity. If that situation sounds familiar to you, then you’ve probably played the fun yet frightening videogame Bendy and the Ink Machine. Of course, you remember Bendy’s best pal Boris the Wolf. While Borris may be a loyal friend to Bendy, he is also a great help to you in the game. Now you can thank Boris for all his help by bringing him to life this Halloween.Product DescriptionThis Boris Full-Face Mask is officially licensed. It is made of molded plastic. Designed to cover your entire face, there are also smoky tinted openings in each eye that allow you to have limited vision. An elastic band will go around the back of the head to keep the mask securely on your face. 

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