Prairie Girl Bonnet for Kids


Get that Little House on the Prairie look when you add this Prairie Girl Bonnet to your costume. This bonnet will take you back to a much simpler style of life!

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Blue Skies AheadLittle girls on the prairie faced a lot of adventures. They herded the cows in from the field when dark storm clouds threatened from the horizon. They would help wash the family’s laundry in rushing streams and freezing cold mountain lake water. They’d gather firewood, help mend fences, and run through prairie grasses with their dogs yapping at their heels. Through all those adventures, one character was ever-present, the big sky above! The elements of the prairie were always intense, the sun shining strong without a tree to rest under in sight. No wonder the sunbonnet was such a staple of the western wardrobe!Product DetailsThis lovely little sunbonnet will help your child pretend that she’s steeped in the adventurous past. The fabric has a gorgeous pattern of pink and blue flowers with lovely little green leaves. The brim will shade your child’s face to keep them comfortable even while the sun is shining bright in the big sky. A bow can be tied behind the neck or under the chin, depending on your child’s preference. Westward Ho!Does your child dream of heading west in a wild covered wagon adventure? Pair this bonnet with a prairie girl dress and some good walking boots and she’ll be ready to head west… at least in her imagination! 

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