3D Knit Sonic Beanie


Complete your video game character costume with the 3D Knit Sonic Beanie. Become your favorite chili dog loving speedster when you wear this beanie. What adventures will you create and who will you be able to save.

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Sounds Like SpeedHitting Mach One is pretty impressive, but you can actually get more sonic booms by hitting higher speeds. Jumping up to Mach Two or Three can be downright destructive to all the things and people around you, which is why we think it is pretty inconsiderate of Sonic to do it all the time.We simply ask that he stop hitting those speeds in the middle of town. It is not a huge request and we think that it is actually very reasonable. If he wants to go fast, he should go to the racetrack like everybody else! Ok, ok. Maybe he can have some kudos because he has saved the world so many times. Hmph.Ringing TrueFinding the perfect headwear for any weather is not easy to manage, but with this 3D Knit Sonic Beanie, you can’t go wrong! This comfortable beanie sits snugly and comfortably on your head. The characteristic hair and ears of Sonic protrude from the hat, giving you the profile of that crazy blue dude. Sonic’s face is perfectly embroidered onto the front of the hat, which remains very soft and pliable. All in all, you will love the look and feel of this officially licensed Sonic beanie. Just make sure you bring a backpack for all the rings you will start finding everywhere!

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