Adult NASA Backpack


Space suit? Check! Helmet? Check! Boots? Check! Complete the whole astronaut look with our Adult NASA Backpack! This backpack features a white bag with NASA and American flag patches.

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Ready for BlastoffOr are you? If you’re headed into space, you have to make sure you’re ready to head out for a while. This Nasa bag will help you prepare, whether you’re heading out for a quite orbit around the planet or you need a carry-on for a trip to Mars. Just remember, other astronauts might not be so well prepared so be prepared to share those snacks you packed. Nasa is great and all, but freeze-dried meal technology can only evolve so far!Design & DetailsSure, we make costumes, but why not take your imaginative clothing to a whole new level? That’s right, this backpack is for everyday use! The square design detailed to look like an astronaut’s backpack has a variety of functional assets that make this Made By Us backpack a wardrobe staple. Adjustable shoulder and side straps ensure that space enthusiasts stay comfortable while two mesh pockets on the sides, zippered pockets, and laptop sleeve on the interior will keep you organized. Star SignDo you want to celebrate your love of all things intergalactic every day? This backpack is a great conversation starter. The pure white, square design instantly brings space travel to mind. Now, it’ll be easier than ever to start a conversation about the great beyond. Once you’re on your favorite subject, you’ve got the conversation in the bag!

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