Kids Magician Plush Costume Hat with Rabbit


Get ready to show everyone your magic skills with the Kids Magician Plush Costume Hat with Rabbit. Not only do you get the best magician hat around but you also get a rabbit that you can pull out of it too!

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No Previous Experience RequiredIf your child has ever seen a magic show, then you know how they feel about this mystical art. Magic in person, not made on a screen or accomplished with CGI, feels impossible, and when it succeeds, viewers are filled with wonder and awe. Even adults, who understand that everything has to be about sleight of hand and special accessories (right?), can get pulled into the web of magic that a good magician weaves. Let your child begin their magical journey with this Kids Magician Plush Hat with Rabbit! Every good magician starts somewhere, and this hat is a good way for your child to practice. Product DetailsThis oversized top hat is made of a soft black velvet and features a black satin ribbon along the brim. If you’re worried the hat looks too big for your child, don’t worry! There is a size adjuster hidden inside the hat, so every magician can have the perfect fit. The rabbit is white and features whiskers and a bright pink nose, as well as some pink lining in the ears. Best of all, this rabbit is definitely small enough to fit in the top hat. Time to practice those tricks!

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