Women’s Plus Size Incarcerated Cutie Costume


The Women’s Plus Size Incarcerated Cutie Costume will have you serving a life sentence for looking too good!

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WHAT DID WE TELL YOU!?Look, we love you.  You’re great.  Nothing has changed about that.  But, we tried to warn you!  You can’t just decide to become an evil archvillain and expect that everything is going to go hunky-dory.  As soon as you add descriptors like “evil” and “arch” and “villain” to what might otherwise be ordinary tasks, you’re bound to draw attention to yourself.  That’s true even if your method of taking down the government is by paying off people’s expired parking meters!So, you’ve been caught by the latest in a long line of superheroes who overheard of your notorious villainy.  Now, you’re being sent off to the slammer.  We’d love to think that you’re going to wait calmly until your sentence is completed so you can rejoin the world as a redeemed and productive member of society.  Or you can break out get ready to take everything down with your own brand of revenge.  Perhaps go the way of the outlaw:  vigilante justice style! DESIGN & DETAILSWhether you plan on serving your sentence or serving up some cool vengeance, you have to do it in style.  Many of our team are sympathetic to your cause and have hand-crafted this amazing Incarcerated Cutie Costume to reveal that you’re just misunderstood!  Stay comfortable in your jersey-fabric shirt and pant combo with the old-timey black and white striped pattern, complete with the prisoner’s number on the chest, back, and the matching hat to finish the look!THE BEST KIND OF LIFE SENTENCESure, your peculiar brand of crime might not go well with the rest of society, but we know that you mean well.  So, whether you’re going to stay in lockup or break out for some real fun, this classic look is going to be perfect for your life of crime! 

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