Belt and Holster Set


Keep your hands free to collect all of the candy this Halloween. You won’t have to hold onto your toy weapon when you are wearing this Belt and Holster Set!

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Armed and Not DangerousYou simply can’t bear to tell your child that while they are going for a look that says “I’m a fierce protector of the law” it’s reading more as “I’m the sweetest little trick-or-treater of them all!” But that’s how Halloween should be — let them have their moment to feel large and in charge of the block in their Police or spy costume. They’ll look back on the photos as adults and see what you see: a cherub-faced, fun-loving kiddo with a huge candy stash! But patrolling the streets on Halloween to protect the neighborhood from evil presents a problem. How can they collect their candy stash and have their toy weapon at the ready? This Web Holster and Belt Set makes an authentic addition to a law enforcement look, and allows your child to keep the streets safe without sacrificing what Halloween is really about — trick or treating!Design & DetailsDesigned to keep a toy pistol in place, this simple accessory packs a big punch when it comes to adding that extra something special to your child’s costume. It looks regulation! It’s a belt with a connected leg holster, with adjustable straps for an officially awesome fit. 

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