Adult Evil AF Baphomet Socks


Add an extra dash of scary to your to your next costume when you get this Adult Evil AF Baphomet Socks! These cozy socks will be a hit at your next Halloween event!

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Spookiness At Your ToetipsFingertips are overrated–toes are how you’re gonna get places! Whether you put them on to go with your Halloween costume or just want to wear a touch of evil year-round, these Evil AF Baphomet Socks are here for you. With a gorgeous black base, gray details, and just enough red to help them pop. Lord Baphomet decorates the outside ankle–if your aura isn’t feeling strong on the day you wear them, Baphomet will carry you. Double layers of terry in the heels and toes give extra cushioning, and a high thread count will make you feel luxurious wherever you are.

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